Treatment Info

Treatment Info

Your Program

Our goal at CHI is to construct a personal anti-aging program that is tailored to your specific needs. Our philosophy of individual monitoring and medical management carries over into every aspect of our practice. Below are some of the reasons that set us apart from other anti-aging practices and organizations.



Managed Program Fees

At CHI, we do not increase the price of hormones for various trace neutraceuticals. We pass on our wholesale costs to our patients. We charge a professional fee to pay for the medical expertise we provide.


No mass marketed diet supplements or drugs

You will not see a web store at CHI offering the lowest prices on vitamins, diet supplements, or other products. Each patient has an individually constructed anti-aging program based on the patient’s laboratory tests. We only offer the highest quality products to our clients. We will take care of sending the right products to you, when and where you need them.


Follow up, Follow up, Follow up

Once you begin your anti-aging program, your body’s chemistry will change. As time goes on, we will require follow-up laboratory testing, so that we may adjust your program as needed. Our staff will contact you periodically to assist you in achieving the short and long term goals designed specifically for you.