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The world is changing and so is the way we view our health and well being as we age. We no longer have to accept the relentless mental and physical declines associated with aging. When we throw away old concepts and look at the something quite differently, it is called a paradigm shift. Looking at aging as a disease that can be treated, may be the biggest paradigm shift in human history. Anti-aging medical interventions, under the supervision of a trained anti-aging physician, can change your life right now. In the near future, with the advances in medical technology, including human gene research, your life and society will change in previously unimaginable ways. This blog will start you on your journey towards improved health and well being. It will teach you the science (anyone can learn it) and help you create a practical and personal anti-aging plan.

This paradigm shift is not based on dreams or science fiction; it is firmly documented in medical and scientific literature. We will provide access the latest updates in anti-aging medicine, available on our website and this blog. Since anti-aging medicine is changing so rapidly, a book alone without updates would be stuck with yesterday’s information and scientific references, that is why we are creating this blog. We want to interact with you and answer your questions because we want you to have a healthier lifestyle. When you read this blog, you can be a member of the California Healthspan Institute network. You are in with the “anti-aging in-crowd.”

This blog is a guide to your personal anti-aging program. We will give you recommendations as to diet, exercise, vitamins, nutraceuticals and hormone replacement therapy. We do not want you to rely on the teenage clerk in a vitamin store (although he or she may be knowledgeable) or your friend who sells vitamins through a multi-level marketing program. It is our goal to provide you with the same information we give our patients. State of the art information changes from day to day and we will keep you current.. Our medical practice provides cutting edge anti-aging medical care. Our goal is good health and a better quality of life by slowing and even reversing the degenerative effects of aging, for our patients and for all who read this book. It is not our primary business to sell vitamins or supplements and we have no vested interest in any particular company that does. Because we are able to remain objective, we can be your advocate. We want to empower you with the scientific knowledge that is the foundation of health and medicine. What you  read on this blog are not just directions for you to follow about how much of this or that vitamin; they are guidelines based on fact and proven clinically to be successful in slowing and preventing the disease of aging.

These ideas may seem “crazy” to you now but we encourage you to keep an open mind. Continue reading and the data will be presented.

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